Brazilian National Institute of Science and Technology   The InSAC
Motivated by the great territorial extension and population size of Brazil and the economic and social issues, the Brazilian National Institute of Science and Technology for Autonomous Cooperative Systems intends to address the problems related to security and environment in actions that jointly promote economic development, quality of life a nd environmental protection. The Institute brings together a remarkable group of universities, industries and research institutes from Brazil and abroad, which aim to use the latest advances in emerging systems theory and information technology to allow the design and implementation of distributed networks for observation, mobility and p roviding the fundamental scope of the real problems addressed. The solutions will be sought through strong cooperation between universities and participating industries in research and development activities, proposing new robotic network systems for, by example, automotive and cargo transportation, farming, underwater maintenance, remote inspection and sensing and surveillance.
  The INOF
CePOF missions are:
To develop multidisciplinary fundamental and applied research, integrating specialists from different areas (Physics, Chemistry, Medical Sciences and Engineering) to explore new applications of Optics and Photonics. To disseminate Optics and Photonics to the general public, promoting science at all levels of education.
To promote innovation in the industry through technology transfer, small business incubation, continued education, and training programs.